Mothers Out Front East Boston ToHost an Opera for Children on June 26

The East Boston Chapter of Mothers Out Front will host a free educational opera for children on Sunday, June 26 at the Bremen Street Park Amphitheater at 5 pm.

Local classical singer and coordinator of Mothers Out Front East Boston, Sonja Tengblad, said the 40 minute opera, “Mr. Twister and the Tale of Tornado Alley’’, was written by Boston composer Marc Hoffeditz and won the 2019 Kansas prize for children’s operas.

The performance, explained Tengblad, incorporates STEM curriculum (Science Technology Engineering and Math) as it follows Bobby, a kid who wants to be a meteorologist like his grandpa. The opera also features two other comical characters, North Wind and South Wind, who will teach the audience how tornadoes happen through interactive play.

Mothers Out Front, a group of local mothers fighting for environmental justice in the neighborhood, was recently awarded a $10,000 Opportunity Grant by the City of Boston to provide the performance to Eastie children. Tengblad said the performance will be a partnership between Mothers Out Front and the Brookline Puppet Theater.

“I’m really interested in art that can have a direct impact,” said Tengblad. “Through the air quality campaign our Mothers Out Front team is running, I saw the impact COVID had on my neighbors. I am really excited to be awarded this Opportunity Grant to provide my community with a fun, enjoyable event that will also tie in climate action and environmental justice.”

Tengblad said Mothers Out Front East Boston has invited the City of Boston’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) director Theresa Teixeida to the event to offer residents a way to act on climate change by signing up for 100% renewable home energy. Tengblad said Teixeida will also be on hand to clear up misinformation from competitive suppliers who are targeting residents.

“I’ve been targeted multiple times by these suppliers and have been confused myself” she said. “I’m excited to clear this up once and for all for East Boston residents, and offer them a cheaper, cleaner energy option.”

Anyone who registers for CCE will enter a raffle for a free Austin Air HEPA purifier, provided by Mothers Out Front. People are encouraged to bring a copy of their Eversource bill to the event.

Tengblad said in the event of rain the performance will be moved to the Veronica Robles Cultural Center inside the old Meridian Street Library.

“Families are encouraged to bring a picnic, and extra snacks, drinks and prizes will be available on site and Spanish interpretation will be offered,” she said.

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