Tina Hinojosa Lauria Memorial Yoga Fundraiser at Della Russo Stadium

Family and friends participated in the Tina Hinojosa Lauria Memorial Yoga Fundraiser Saturday at Harry Della Russo Stadium in Revere.

Tina died unexpectedly on Aug. 13, 2021. She was the former owner of the yoga studio, Yoga Lounge, Winthrop. Her passion was yoga.

Tina’s brother, Revere Parks and Recreation Director Michael Hinojosa, thanked the many yoga enthusiasts for their participation in the event in honor of his sister and for their support of NamaStay Sober.

“I just want to say thank you – the outpouring has been unbelievable over the last few weeks,” Michael said to the large gathering. “I have no words. It’s just been really important to me and my family – the hugs. I’m going to turn it over NamaStay Sober, something that my sister was a big part of. Thank you for coming here today. Enjoy a little yoga, and I hope we get to do this every year multiple times a year. To look out in the audience and have 150-plus people doing yoga, it’s amazing. Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much,” concluded Michael.

Gia Santaniello, best friend of Tina’s daughter, Kayla, paid tribute to Tina Hinojosa Lauria, stating, “Tina was one of the purest people and the purest souls. She truly did offer everyone nothing but forgiveness and peace. She was a really, amazing person who overcame so much to get to this point. Being Kayla’s best friend, I see Tina radiating through her all of the time, and Kayla carries her spirit with her, which is really beautiful.”

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