City Council Approves Expansion of Parental Leave Policy by Edwards

The Boston City Council has approved an expansion of the city’s parental leave policy originally filed by Councilor Lydia Edwards and co-sponsored by Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi-George. Under the new ordinance, city employees can now take 12 weeks of parental leave and the policy now applies to all loss of pregnancy as well as those welcoming a new family member or acting as a caregiver.

“I’m proud to have led the effort to modernize the city’s parental leave policy,” said Councilor Edwards. “These updates help make the city a more compassionate and understanding employer. These changes are long overdue and will allow city employees and their families to take the time they need to care for a new member of their family or grieve the loss of a pregnancy.”

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley praised the move in a statement.

“Pregnancy loss should be met with care, compassion, support, and paid leave, but far too many families suffer in silence due to the lack of awareness and cultural stigma—including those in the Massachusetts 7th,” said Congresswoman Pressley. “As we continue to make progress at the federal level to establish a universal paid leave program that supports families nationwide, I’m thrilled to see the Boston City Council lead on this issue locally. I am deeply grateful to Councilors Edwards, Wu and Essaibi George, and the organizers and advocates for their efforts to expand these critical protections to City employees. I also applaud Councilor O’Malley’s testimony and continued advocacy on this issue.”

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