Letters to the Editor

Stephen has a clear plan

Dear Editor,

In three weeks, East Boston has an important decision to make in the primary election for Boston City Council.  After researching the candidates and learning more about their positions, I will be supporting Stephen Passacantilli.

Stephen has impressed me with his platform: focusing on education, public safety, seniors, and quality of life issues like traffic and development.  Stephen has a clear plan and the experience to deliver for our community.  I know that Stephen will be a bold voice for East Boston and always put the needs of residents first.  I look forward to casting my vote for Stephen Passacantilli on September 26!

Renée Buonopane

Jeffries Point



Condemn racism

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of East Boston I write to condemn the people who painted racist graffiti on property in Jeffries Point. This display of hatred and bigotry is atrocious and not to be tolerated by East Boston residents.

Throughout our history many people have fought and died to preserve our freedom, liberty and democracy.  These sacrifices were made to keep our country and community safe and free.  The display of hatred by the spray painters is opposite of what East Boston is as a diverse, open neighborhood and community.

Over the centuries East Boston has been an open welcoming place to generations of immigrants and others who wished to find a home for their families.  East Boston provided places to live,  work and play in peace.  East Boston residents fought hard to build community against forces trying to destroy it. It was in the last house at the end of Lamson Court in Anna DeFranco’s kitchen where residents gathered and planned for the historic, successful, demonstration against the Port Authority on Maverick Street.  That event started a movement in which East Boston residents took a strong position against institutional expansion and for growth and sustainability of our East Boston community.

We must renew our convictions against racism, hatred and bigotry and for continued strength and morality of our wonderful town.


Mary Ellen Welch

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