Looking Back at Mike Tanner And His Time with the Knights

In this spot we usually shine a spotlight on one of our current players. This week we are going to do something a little different and go with a former player Mike Tanner from our first ever season as a team. Tanner is a special man who has done a lot for the community of East Boston and a lot for our organization. Mike played a big role with the Knights not only as a player but helping our team get on the field. Without Mike, the East Boston Knights would still be an idea not the strong organization that the community has come to know. For that the East Boston Knights will be indebted and forever thankful to him. That is small beans compared to what he really does for not only the East Boston community but the world.

Mike Tanner has helped out numerous, nameless people in is his life. He was a drug addict who has been clean for 7 years and has used his experience with drug addiction to help others. Mike is a passionate man whose life has turned into spreading the word about addiction and prevention. There are many programs that help addicts recover but Tanner has done something so different but makes so much sense. Prevention. Simple, yet such a great concept. In 2010 Mike joined the Knights as part of his recovery. He wanted to prove to not only himself but his family that he could reach his goals and get back to the sport he loved…baseball.  After the East Boston Knights inaugural season Tanner left the Knights to start his own organization called “Hope Though Experience”. Through his organization Mike has been able to help many people live a happy, healthy and successful life. Tanner visits local schools to talk about prevention and is a regular guest speaker at many different outlets to help educate the community on what drugs can do and how quickly they can change a successful person’s life in the blink of an eye.

Mike is moving on yet again. This time he is leaving his own organization behind to benefit other people. Tanner will be moving out to the left coast to Juan Capistrano, California to work with a group called Hope by the Sea. An organization that helped save his own life as he had 4 stays at Hope by the Sea when he was going through his own drug addiction. He was one of the first patients at the house and it will be a homecoming of sorts for him. Hope by the Sea was also a startup family run business that went from one “recovery house” to now seven. Mike will have a huge impact on the 7th house which will be opening up this summer. These “recovery houses” use a different method for treatment, one that is different from NA/AA groups. This 7th “recovery house” will substitute the traditional ways of recovery, instead of meetings they focus on not only helping patients stay in school and/or keeping their jobs but being successful and happy in their environments. Their success rate is at a whopping 80 percent.

Mike Tanner is leaving Monday on his new journey. He is confident and ready to accept his calling. Mike is part sad, part scared, and part excited. He is leaving his family behind along with his girlfriend Leslie Montalo and his 2 dogs. This is not the first time Mike has made a sacrifice for others as he has found his calling in life and has made the ultimate sacrifices for the betterment of his community. The East Boston Knights would like to wish Mike Tanner well on his next journey in life.


Player: Mike Tanner

Position: Pitcher

Throws: Right

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 170

Hometown: East Boston, Massachusetts

High School: Dom Savio

Favorite Color: EBK Blue & Gold

Claim to fame: Threw the first pitch ever for the East Boston Knights.

Mike Tanner was the first pitcher ever to take the mound for the Knights…..Struck out the first batter he ever faced as a Knight….All star for Dom Savio Prep for baseball and football….Starting QB for Dam Savio…0 -2 all time for the Knights with a 4.50 ERA….

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