The Mayor’s Charity

Mayor Thomas Menino has named everyone who has given to the mayor’s city charity.

Everyone included in that long and generous list of donors should wear their names being on that list as a medal of honor – for it is just that.

Assertions by the Boston Globe trying to make the claim that something, anything is askew with the mayor’s city charity is odious.

Those of us who know the mayor and everyone who has contributed to the charity over the years knows this – the mayor is absolutely pristine about the city charity and in all matters of money.

He has never, in a long career enriched himself by serving in public office and he never will. It just isn’t in him.

Nor would it be in him to steal from a public charity that does so much good for those of the city’s neediest residents and their children.

Finger pointing by a great newspaper about the mayor’s city charity as though something is wrong with giving to it, is a minor outrage.

Anyone feeling Mayor Menino is abusing the charity should ask State Auditor Suzanne Bump to audit it.

Ms. Bump, God bless her, wouldn’t waste a moment of her time doing this.

She’s not into wasting her time.

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