Representative Basile’s Night with Supporters Proves a Point

The upstairs function room at Spinelli’s last Thursday night was packed from front to back and all around with the supporters of Rep. Carlo Basile who attended a fundraiser there for their man.

The fundraiser proved several things.

First, Basile remains popular in his home base of East Boston. It also revealed the extent to which he remains a voice, among others, for the people of this multi-racial neighborhood – perhaps the most racially mixed, ethnically mixed, religiously mixed, color and language mixed neighborhood’s in the city of Boston.

It is truly a unique place during a difficult time for the working poor who comprise the vast majority of people living in this neighborhood.

East Boston is also a dramatically changed place in just the past five years.

More and more old residents die-off or leave for the suburbs, more and more new people are moving in – Brazilians, Central Americans, Mexicans, Eastern Europeans, Vietnamese and this isn’t even the beginning of the declension of races that occupy a place here.

Basile has found his place in this incredible mix of people of all colors and religion, sexual preferences and beliefs.

Basile is a friendly man, engaging, concerned about the welfare of those in need and so it is natural that he is a leader here in what might well be described as one of the friendliest, everyone working together neighborhood’s in Boston.

In brief remarks to the crowd last week, he expressed himself well and especially about the heroism of returning veterans, coming home and finding some aspects of life much tougher than they might ever have imagined.

Basile was a big hit at Spinelli’s last week.

He is a man of the people and the large crowd at Spinelli’s proved that.

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