Drinking Life – Bostonians imbibe less but enjoy it more

Be aware that the most recent issue of Men’s Health Magazine listed Boston as the least drunk city in the United States.

Yonkers, New York and Rochester, New York came in second and third with Salt Lake City dropping to fourth.

The drunkest city in the United States, according to Men’s Health Magazine, is Fresno, California, followed closely by Reno, Nevada and Billings, Montana.

Not one city in Massachusetts or New England made the top 10 drunkest list.

Manchester, New Hampshire made the top 10 on the least drunkest list.

Experts on the subject point out Boston’s poor showing on the drunkest list shows how greatly the times have changed.

With one out of four Bostonians a college student, it is fairly incomprehensible to learn that inebriation seems to be going out of style, although drinking in Massachusetts apparently went up by 1% last year, with alcohol industry officials attributing the gain to the effects of the recession and to alcohol’s easy and abundant availability which leads to effortless self-medication.

The Athens of North America appears to be more about drier things than it is about liquid these days or so it seems.

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