Wally Bowe – Neighborhood loses a great friend

This neighborhood has produced its share of special people over the decades of its modern history.

Wally Bowe, who died recently, was one of those.

He was 53 when he died suddenly at his home in Saugus.

Father, husband, mentor, giant of a man – Bowe – was one of the pillars of this neighborhood’s struggling youth.

He was the Rock of Gibraltar for many kids trying to make something out of their lives, and he was, for many, many people someone who was looked up to and respected.

It has been pointed out that Bowe was a competitor.

He was also a player.

He had tremendous strength but chose to always withhold it in the knowledge that the greatest power is the power withheld.

East Boston was Bowe’s heart and soul.

It was the center of his universe and of all those who came to love him throughout a lifetime.

He will be sorely missed.

Our condolences to his family and friends.

There are no more Wally Bowes coming up the ladder in East Boston.

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