Vincent Phan Receives ‘Poet of the Year Award’

Patrick J. Kennedy School (PJK) 6th grader, Vincent Phan, received the Boston Scores “Poet of the Year Award,” on April 26 in recognition of his eloquence and performance. The 12-year-old was the winner of a poetry slam amongst over a dozen Boston Public School students. He was applauded for his articulateness and creativity.

Vincent’s composition, “Achievements,” describes tenacity, taking pride in oneself, and the thrill of fulfillment; whether it is “swallowing 10 marshmallows” or setting a personal “world record.”

Brenda Bailey, Writing Coach, Boston Scores, and retired PJK teacher, Cynthia Grant-Carter, PJK Soccer/Writing Coordinator, Boston Scores, and retired PJK teacher, Dung Phan, and his son, Vincent Phan, recipient of the “Poet of the Year” award, Marcus Bevel, soccer coach and PJK paraprofessional, and Ralph Colson, soccer coach
Boston Scores “Poet of the Year,” Vincent Phan, standing with his fellow soccer team, as he recites his award-winning poem.

“Every year, we have a poets’ banquet, where two students from all of our schools write an original poem, memorize it, and perform it in front of an audience,” said Rebeca Villatoro, Elementary School Enrichment Coordinator, Boston Scores. “The judges felt particularly impressed by Vincent’s poem. Multiple people from my office tell me that when they need a little bit of energy, they’ll read his poem. It’s so motivating.”

Villatoro presented Vincent with a plaque and Boston Scores’ first “Poet of the Year” scholarship. Boston Scores is a non-profit organization that collaborates with Boston Public Schools to provide urban youth with after-school soccer and enrichment classes.

Retired PJK teacher, Cynthia Grant-Carter, Soccer/Writing Coordinator, Boston Scores, commended Vincent for his hard work, congratulated him for his accomplishments, and expressed her confidence in him as he continues his education next year at Boston Latin School.

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