Winthrop Marketplace celebrates 24 years of being in business

This year, the Winthrop Marketplace is celebrating its 24th year of being in business in this community.  Over these many years, the Winthrop Marketplace has had the pleasure of employing hundreds upon hundreds of people to work at the grocery store. While the Winthrop Marketplace has people of all ages working there, many of its employees are local high school students working their first job. Here, they learn time management and organizational skills, further develop their social skills, and earn a sense of pride from having a wage earning job. These high school students are also participating in a myriad of extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, dance and sailing programs that we must work around as school comes first.  

The Winthrop Marketplace has always felt that in order to be the community grocery store, then the store must support the community.   We have contributed to the Winthrop High School sports programs, drama programs, and art programs. In addition, the Winthrop Marketplace has supported many organizations in town such as the Elks, the various yacht clubs and fundraisers’ for various houses of Worship in our community.  Furthermore, we have run numerous fundraisers for families navigating very challenging times.

This year for the first time, we are going to be sponsoring an annual scholarship, from the Wallerce family, for a Winthrop High School Senior who is going to major in business and has been working in the community.  We are committed to the youth in our town and awarding this scholarship is our way of trying to ease the burden of college expenses.  What better way to invest in our community than to invest in tomorrow’s leaders.  And we can only hope that can continue to earn your patronage over the next twenty-four plus years and can always be your community marketplace.

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