Red Sox Foundation Visits the P.J. Kennedy School

Story by Marianne Salza

The Red Sox Foundation visited the Patrick J. Kennedy School on December 1 during the final Play Ball event of its Reviving Baseball and Softball in Inner Cities seasonal youth program. Students eagerly greeted team mascots, Wally and Tessie; and participate in introductory exercises with Red Sox Foundation directors, managers, and coordinators.

“The game isn’t growing at the rate that it used to; especially in communities of color,” explained Leeyan Redwood, Red Sox Foundation, who presented students with autographed pictures of Red Sox players. “We want to make sure kids have that exposure at a young age. They learn to love and have positive associations with the game.”

Each year, the Red Sox Foundation travels to states throughout New England to engage students through session-based drills, and increase interest and access to the sport. The Red Sox Foundation collaborated with Playworks, New England, which partners with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to promote healthy, safe play for children.

“Come this spring, we will be working with the Red Sox Foundation to create a curriculum based around physical and social/emotional skills that can be learned through wiffle ball play,” said Alex McAuliffe, Program Manager, Playworks. “We will be implementing that curriculum in 30 Boston Public Schools around Massachusetts.”

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