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Looking at Question 2

To The Editor,

Advisory Question 2 on Boston’s November election ballot asks voters:

Should a high voltage, electric substation be built at 400 Condor Street in East Boston, along the Chelsea Creek, near homes, parks, playgrounds, jet fuel storage, and in a flood risk area, rather than in a nearby alternative safe and secure location such as non-residential Massport land at Logan Airport?

I hope all East Boston neighbors across will show their support by voting NO on Question 2.

Eversource seeks to build an substation at a location near parks, homes, and the Chelsea Creek, a site widely opposed by residents, organizations, and officials. Practical alternative sites exist, such as secure Massport land at Logan Airport.

Residents were promised a soccer field and flood protection buffer on the property, which was City land until Eversource was given the prime waterfront site in a hastily arranged land swap.

The City also gave Eversource a rarely-granted blanket waiver of project review without any notice to neighbors or opportunity for comment.

Mayor Kim Janey has stated her opposition to the East Boston substation, as have Councilor Lydia Edwards, Representative Adrian Madaro, and mayoral candidates Anissa Essabi George and Michelle Wu as City Council members. Although this is just advisory, with our support we trust the new mayor will use all her powers to solve this issue.

Please see www.NoEastieSubstation.com for more information. Thank you.

Gail Miller

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