New Art Installation Goes up in Eastie

A new art exhibit that is a collaboration between Boston Harbor Now and conservation photographer Lauren Owens Lambert has been installed at LoPresti Park in East Boston and Langone Park in the North End. 

“On the Edge: Boston’s Working Waterfront” uses Lambert’s photos to showcase the range of jobs linked to the Boston waterfront and the value they bring to the city and the region. 

A new art installation that features a photo by photographer Lauren Owens Lambert of two Piers Park Sailing Center staff and students practicing righting a capsized boat at the sailing center went up Tuesday.

The new art installation features a photo by Lambert of two Piers Park Sailing Center staff and students practicing righting a capsized boat at the sailing center. 

While traditional maritime jobs persist, the changing waterfront— cleaned over the past four decades, lined with significant new construction, and preparing for the impacts of climate change—offers employment to many. 

Through a set of working portraits by Lambert the installation represents, on a human scale, the economic impact and interconnection of Boston Harbor. 

Like the Piers Park Sailing Center picture Lamberts other portraits illustrate a cross-section of the city’s workforce and highlight the diversity of humans and roles that help the region benefit from a healthy and connected harbor. 

Lambert commented that the harbor is a vital economic engine that powers the City and the many lives and livelihoods that depend on it. 

Piers Park Sailing Center Executive Director Alex DeFronzo said his team is really excited for the public art installation because it showcases the historic maritime work that continues today in Eastie. 

Lambert is a photographer and video journalist based in the Boston area whose work has a creative focus in documenting the human aspect of climate change, ocean health, natural resource management, conservation, and our relationship with the natural world during the age of the Anthropocene. 

Her work has been published with Agence France-Presse, Audubon Magazine, BioGraphic Magazine, and The Boston Globe. She is an International League of Conservation Photographer and has presented work at the United Nations on the importance of visual storytelling with ocean science and data communication.

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