Said Abdikarim Endorses Erin Murphy For City Council At-Large Position

Said Abdikarim, whose inspiring story and vigorous campaigning energized Bostonians across the city, has endorsed Erin Murphy as Boston’s next At-Large City Councilor, praising her vision and work ethic as Erin continues to build support before the November 2, Final Election.

Abdikarim, whose signature orange shirt became a familiar sight on the trail during his months campaigning as one of Erin’s fellow candidates, said he had gotten to know Erin and admired her commitment to core issues that affect Bostonians in every neighborhood.

“When I was a candidate, I centered solutions to address affordable housing, education and job disparity, and the opioid crisis,” said Abdikarim. “These are Erin’s values and goals, too, and I’m confident that she will do the hard work necessary to achieve them. The biggest factor is that Erin is a teacher, and teachers played a significant role in my life when I arrived here from Somalia.”

Erin said that Abdikarim became a friend during their months blanketing the city for candidate forums, special events, and out door knocking connecting with residents..

“Said has been such a pleasure to campaign alongside,” said Erin. “Together, we both learned so much about what matters to Bostonians and what we can do to help them. I was inspired by his story and I couldn’t be prouder to have him on my team as we enter the final weeks of the campaign. Once I’m elected, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to call on Said for counsel and advice to be the best at-large councilor I can be.”

Erin placed a strong fourth in the September 14 Preliminary Election, in a crowded field of seventeen candidates, and has been in every neighborhood in the city talking and, more importantly, listening to residents who want a better, safer, more welcoming city. 

Said’s endorsement is just the latest sign of Erin’s broad appeal.

Said came to Boston as a child refugee from the civil war in Somalia, and wears the signature orange shirt because it matches the first shirt given him by a refugee agency in Boston, symbolizing safety, freedom, and opportunity. He has worked in technology, investments, and higher education, rising to leadership positions. He started a company that invests in minority women entrepreneurs and has worked to build opportunity centers in low-income communities. He is a mentor, life and career coach for minority and immigrant students in the Boston area. 

He lived in public housing throughout the city and attended public schools from elementary through high school, selling newspapers as a teenager to provide financial support for his family in Africa, where his playgrounds as a young child were burning landfills.

“We all bring different experiences to our work,” Abdikarim said. “But Erin and I share a vision for how this city can work for every family and I admire her plan to bring Boston back. Together.”

Erin’s campaign has been gathering steam all year, with a string of high-profile endorsements and a surge in grassroots support and volunteerism across the city. Erin has also been endorsed by, among others, Senator Nick Collins, State Representatives Dan Hunt, Ed Coppinger, and Dan Ryan, City Councilor Frank Baker and former City Councilor Sal LaMattina, Register of Deeds Stephen J. Murphy, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Boston Firefighters Local 718, Laborers Local 223, the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, and Boston EMS.

A lifelong Dorchester resident, Erin has centered her campaign around being Boston’s go-to call at City Hall.

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