Large Condo Development Breaks Ground on Maverick Street

A Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) approved mixed-use condo project on Maverick Street broke ground recently, and will bring 49 new units to East Boston.

The project at 205 Maverick St., dubbed EBO, was approved by the BPDA in 2018 after developer Joseph Nogueira made several changes to the design, scale and scope of the proposed building and cut down the number of total units. Originally the developer proposed a five story, 55 unit building with two commercial spaces. 

The modifications to the proposal came after members of the Gove Street Citizens Association (GSCA) voted 12 to 12 at a community meeting in Sept. 2018. The tied vote meant GSCA would not send a letter of support or opposition for the project.

The plans approved by the BPDA call for the demolition of the existing single-story commercial structure that houses a laundromat and convenience store in order to construct a five-story, mixed-use building with 49 residential rental units, seven of which will be affordable units.

According to Nogueira, Nauset Construction has begun its work on the project that will consist of 12 studio units, 17 one-bedroom units, and 20 two-bedroom units.

“EBO condominiums are designed to fit in seamlessly with the character of the existing neighborhood, while providing much-needed housing to the City of Boston – including seven affordable units – in close proximity to public transportation,” said Nogueira. “And bringing back the market and laundromat in upgraded space ensures that they will be able to continue to serve the community for years to come.”

At community meetings regarding the project Nogueira called the project ‘development without displacement’ because he always planned to bring back the laundromat and convenience store after construction was completed. The two tenants, Maverick Street Market and Swish & Swash Laundromat, are popular businesses in the area and residents expressed a desire for both to return.

The development will also include an enclosed parking garage with 34 parking spaces and an equal number of bicycle spaces. In addition, an outdoor courtyard that sets back the residential entry from the sidewalk will be constructed to create opportunities for informal neighborhood gathering and socializing that will further enliven the streetscape. In order to soften the garage the developer has planned a roof decked open space or ‘green roof’ concept over the garage in order to hide the cars from view from abutters living around the building on Maverick and Everett Streets.

“Constructing mid-size, mixed-use multifamily developments in tight urban infill locations is becoming a calling card for Nauset in recent years,” said Nauset Construction President Anthony Papantonis. “Through repetition, we’ve been able to streamline processes to reduce construction time and improve procedures to ensure the safety of the surrounding neighborhood and our workforce.”

As part of his BPDA approval Nogueira agreed to a $20,000 contribution to fund a transportation analysis, and/or implement pedestrian safety enhancements, vehicle calming measures, and public realm improvements in and around the Maverick Street corridor.

The developer also plans to make donations to the Piers Park Sailing Center as well as the East Boston Social Centers.

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