Exercise, Anyone? Eastie Native Graziani Begins Tennis and Personal Training Business

Giancarlo Graziani grew up in East Boston but he now calls Winthrop home.

A two-year resident of the Highlands section of Winthrop, Graziani is launching a new business, Graziani Fitness Training and Tennis.

Graziani has newly minted business cards, is developing a new website, designing a business logo, and signing up new clients.

“It’s all happening very quickly,” said Graziani.

Graziani, 31, was at work and in fine form at the Wallace B. McLean Tennis Courts in Winthrop last week giving a tennis lesson to Sarah Friend, who is employed as a social worker. Graziani instructed his student on techniques such as serving, forehand and backhand shots, footwork and stances along with the rules of tennis.

“This is my second tennis lesson and Giancarlo gives very clear instructions,” said Friend. “He’s very patient and good at breaking tennis down into its simplest parts for a total beginner like myself. He’s made the sport very approachable.”

Graziani has an impressive background in the sport. He played six years of varsity tennis at Boston Latin School, leading the Wolfpack to the State Tournament and serving as a team captain. He continued his career at Temple University in Philadelphia where he earned a spot on the Owls’ club team. He received his college degree in Geography and Urban Studies.

“I moved back to Boston two years ago and then moved to Winthrop and have been playing tennis on and off and now I’m starting to coach again,” said Graziani, who has coached tennis in the Tenacity youth program in Boston.

Graziani currently works as a coach and personal trainer at Reebok whose headquarters are in the Seaport district in Boston.

“The tennis instruction is something I’m starting to do on the side and I’m enjoying it,” said Graziani, “I have a few clients and I’m enjoying being around the game more besides just playing, and I like coaching people. So I’m working at Reebok in addition to in-home personal training and tennis coaching.”

Fond Memories of Eastie

The son of Paula Gravallese of East Boston and the late Giovanni Graziani, Giancarlo grew up in Orient Heights. He attended East Boston Central Catholic through the third grade, the Bradley School for fourth and fifth grade, and the Umana Barnes School for sixth grade.

He began attending Boston Latin in seventh grade. Boston Latin is the oldest public school in the United States founded in 1635, He became a varsity tennis player in his first year at Latin.

Giancarlo has fond memories of growing up and living in Eastie.

“I remember playing Little League games at Noyes Park, walking in the Little League Opening Day parade from Maverick Square to Orient Heights, canning in uniform and asking for donations along Bennington Street for Lttle League, and then going for a slush at Lanzilli’s,” recalled Giancarlo.

Giancarlo also remembers attending summer sports camps at East Boston Stadium when Tom Menino was the mayor of Boston.

“He hosted a full week of camps and each week was for a different sport for the whole summer,” said Giancarlo.

He also enjoyed many of Eastie’s well-known food establishments.

“We use to go to eat at Uncle Pete’s BBQ in Day Square,” said Giancarlo. “They had the best ribs. I would also choose to go there on my birthday.”

Santarpio’s was another family favorite. “I loved going to eat Santarpio’s with my family: my mom, dad, brother Giacomo, Nana, Gramp, and Uncle Steve,” said Giancarlo. “We would get so many pizzas and it always seemed like too much, but we would always eat them all.”

He also recalled working for Tenacity “teaching summer tennis down on Constitution Beach.”

He was a frequent rider on the MBTA Blue Line.

“I would take the Blue Line with my friends, literally everywhere, since we took it to go to Boston Latin School every day and I never bought a car – I would just borrow my dad’s car when he would let me,” he reflected.

Excited About His New Venture

Graziani, who said he prides himself on his personal fitness, is excited about his new business venture and enjoying life as a Winthrop resident. He lives in town with his wife, Heather, and their two-year-old daughter, Madalina.

“I hope to get more people involved in the business and see where it grows,” said Graziani. “I love Winthrop. I live up in the Highlands just before you get to Seal Harbor. It’s a great town.”

People can contact Giancarlo Graziani for personal training or tennis instruction at: [email protected].

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