Davis Companies Hope for Robust Community Process for EBNHC Lots

The Davis Company and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) recently announced a partnership to redevelop a series of parcels along Breman and Orleans Streets being used for EBNHC employee parking.

However, the Davis Companies has pledged that it will conduct a robust community process prior to submitting any drawings or plans to the City of Boston.

Last week Stephen Davis said the community engagement process will last through June 30 with the purpose of gauging community sentiment and priorities. Davis said this will help his company develop a plan that satisfies community priorities to the greatest extent possible before filing initial plans with the city.

Davis said this is a different approach than the usual community process that is historically triggered after plans are filed with the city.

Davis said he is starting the community process a month and a half early in order to begin engaging the community in  English and Spanish. The company will also work to accommodate other foreign language speakers to gather as much information and feedback as possible.

In addition to phone calls with community members and virtual zoom meetings with local stakeholders, The Davis Companies has drafted and distributed a survey to collect feedback from the community, available in both English and Spanish.

The company also plans to advertise in print and digital formats to increase awareness of the survey and is planning a Webinar and Teletown Hall to engage local residents, business owners, and anyone who has an interest in East Boston development.

“The Davis Companies believes engaging with the East Boston community at this juncture is critical to ensure we are meeting the needs of the community,” said Davis. “So far we have heard a good deal about the neighborhood’s desire to minimize congestion, add to the neighborhood’s housing stock, enhance open space and contribute to a walkable and connected East Boston. We look forward to learning more. We encourage every resident, property owner, business owner, regular volunteer or employee that works within the East Boston geographic boundary, to take a few minutes to fill out the survey. We look forward to sharing the results of the survey and incorporating your priorities into our plan.”

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