City Realty Donates Chromebooks to Mario Umana Academy

Last week the City Realty Group continued its longstanding partnership with the Mario Umana Academy through a generous donation of Chromebooks for the school’s students.

City Realty donates Chromebooks to Mario Umana Academy Mario Umana Academy Principal Christina Michel, City Realty’s Sal LaMattina and BPS Elementary School Superintendent Tommy Welch. City Realty donated Chromebooks
to the school last week.

City Realty, known for several development projects in Eastie, has a nonprofit offshoot called City Kids in areas where the development team works and conducts business. 

Since landing in Eastie and developing residential projects in the neighborhood, City Realty’s City Kids, has been looking for ways to give back to the community. During its project on Border Street several years ago, City Realty partnered with the Mario Umana Academy and donated supplies to the school. The developer also pitched in to help clean and maintain a park between Border and Meridian Streets.

“I got a chance to meet the new principal of the Mario Umana School Christina Michel and donate 10 Chromebooks on behalf of City Realty’s City Kids,” said Sal LaMattina. “Tommy Welsh, who oversees the schools in East Boston and lives in Orient Heights, as well as Principal Michel were thrilled to receive the donation.”

LaMattina said City Realty has been donating Chromebooks throughout Eastie during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Last month City Kids donated new Chromebooks to the Boys & Girls Club to help Eastie students continue learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

City Realty Group Vice President of Operations James Caruso said the donations are a way City Realty can do their part to help children remain engaged and capable of continuing their studies at home.

Stephen Whalen of Boston, Managing Partner at City Realty Group and founder of City Kid, said his company has been a longtime supporter of the Umana as well as Salesian Boys & Girls Club and other area schools and afterschool programs.

A few years ago City Realty, with the help of the Gove Street Citizens Association, donated ChromeBooks to the Sam Adams School’s Autism Strand classroom.

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