Maverick Marketplace Cafe Granted a 1 a.m. License

Weeks after the long and complicated saga surrounding Maverick Marketplace Cafe’s seating capacity was solved, the popular restaurant, bar and music venue was granted a 1 a.m. license this week by the City of Boston.

The granting of a 1 a.m. license comes on the heels of the city increasing the capacity of the cafe.

Owners Dan Lyons and John Tyler said they were pleased to announce the news and have also changed the name from Maverick Marketplace Cafe to ‘Maverick’s.’

Lyons and Tyler said the increase in capacity, coupled with a 1 a.m. license, would allow the business to expand and reach more customers in an increasingly competitive neighborhood-dining scene.

The cafe has become a popular neighborhood spot and draws large crowds on the weekends with live music and other events. With a capacity of only 24 for the inside, and 28 for the outside and an 11 p.m. license Lyons and Tyler had been forced to turn people away once the cafe reaches capacity.

“This is exciting for us and the community we serve,” said Lyons. “Since the restaurant opened in 2015 with an 11 p.m. Neighborhood Restricted license our customers have asked us constantly when we would be open later.  On nights of the week when we had live music or Karaoke it was a shame to have a room full of people that we had to tell them, ‘sorry we have to stop the music and you must go to one of the bars in the area that have a 1 a.m. or later license.’”

The last few months has bought a series of positive changes.

Ownership of the building has been clarified and back in July the City approved the cafe’s request to increase the restaurant’s seating capacity from 24 inside to 60 and from 28 outside to 55 for a total of 115 seats.

Now the increase in hours and name change allows for a minor rebranding.

“We are still the same friendly local pub-style restaurant with that ‘Cheers’ bar feel,” said Tyler. Maverick’s has ties to many area breweries and serves beers that are usually reserved for their taprooms only along with local favorites.  An all alcohol license enables a seasonal craft cocktail program.  The kitchen serves burgers, tacos, salads and other pub style fare. 

“We would like to say a huge thank you to our customers, our neighbors, our elected officials and the neighborhood associations for their patience, enthusiasm and near unanimous support through the process,” said Tyler. 

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