Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association Approves Sumner Street Project

The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) voted 14-2 in favor of a four-unit condo project at 464 Sumner St. at the group’s August meeting on Monday night.

Attorney for the project, Matt Eckel, said that after negotiations with abutters and the JPNA’s Planning and Zoning Subcommittee his client made several changes to the project to address some of the neighbor’s concerns.

Matt Eckel discusses his clients project at 464 Sumner St. The JPNA voted 14-2 in favor of the project.

“The project is to change the occupancy from a three-family residential dwelling to a four-family residential condominium dwelling,” said Eckel.

Aside from changing the occupancy, Eckel said his client would renovate the facade of the building to give it a more historic look, as well as add a rear addition.

The original proposal presented to JPNA members included adding a fourth story to the building.

“After discussions with neighbors at the last JPNA PLanning and Zoning Subcommittee meeting we have eliminated the fourth floor, but will add the additional fourth unit into the basement of the building,” said Eckel.

With the fourth floor eliminated Eckel said his client also agreed to reduce the rear addition from 22 feet to 14 feet, increase the rear setbacks from 33 feet to 41 feet, increase open space to 1,021 square feet and reduce the overall size of the units by 150 square feet.

All the changes made the building more compliant and reduced the number of violations under the Boston Zoning Code.

The project now only needs variances for Use because it is changing from a three to a four family, Additional Lot Area, Floor Area Ratio, Open Space, Side Yard, Front Yard and Parking. However, Eckel pointed out that the Floor Area Ratio, Side Yard, Front Yard and Parking were all preexisting and only triggered as a violation because of the plan to add a fourth unit.

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