Letter to the Editor

We Need Your Help to Help Others

To the Editor,

We hope that you are enjoying the summer, the blue sky, the lush, the occasional rain, and that the warm breeze bring you thoughts of giving to those in need, and the profound satisfaction of helping transform lives and this community.

We want to thank you for last year’s contribution. Thanks to your generosity we are able to continue serving more than 5,000 immigrant and minorities in Boston. At EBECC we know the humanitarian crisis facing refugees and immigrants are real, and we also know that the love for all children goes beyond the Mexican border. Our priority this year is to continue supporting the families and children already being serve at EBECC and welcome and embrace displaced and vulnerable children, particularly unaccompanied children escaping exploitation and violence.

 Think also about Kathy Lopez (not her real name;) she came to this country from El Salvador looking for her parents who left a few years earlier to send support for her and her aging grand mother. Her community was also experiencing gang violence and young women being raped, and so she decided to come to the U.S. Kathy’s story is similar to other people that came here as children hoping to find shelter from poverty, war, violence and to build a new life for themselves.

We need your help to help people like Kathy. Immigrants come to this country for many different reasons, but all share a common goal: to make life better for themselves and their families. How much value do you think there is in helping immigrants succeed and enrich our communities?

· $1,500 for youth to participate in path to higher education, life skills training, leadership development workshops and computer classes

· $1,000 for a father to have the legal support that allows him to be reunited with his family

· $300 for educational materials and supplies to help women and mothers learn basic English

· $150 to help promote the participation of  Latino immigrant parents in East Boston to improve the Boston Public Schools

· $100 for childcare so a mother can attend an advanced English class and help not only herself but her children and family

· $50 to help prepare a confident group of women and youth to speak to elected officials administrators about community issues or concerns

As EBECC’s Chief Executive Officer, I am proud to stand by an organization that provides the immigrant’s community in East Boston with invaluable services to help them realize their hopes for a better life. Please join me in supporting EBECC’s mission by making a donation at the level of your choice to help youth, women and families from East Boston and other community.

On behalf of EBECC, I thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.


Frank M. Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

The East Boston

Ecumenical Community Council

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