HVNA August Meeting Recap

The Harbor View Neighborhood Association (HVNA) held its August meeting Monday night at the Edward Brooke’s Charter School. At the meeting no votes were taken, but members were updated on several development projects that are in the works.

First up was a project at 437 Frankfort St. Owner Richard Belliveau plans to erect a nine-unit building in a 3,000 square foot vacant lot.

The project is located in the Corridor Enhancement Zoning district, which dictates types of uses and dimensions.  The zoning in this area allows for multi-family building and there is no minimum lot-size requirement.

The project is intended as a condo project and would include five one-bedroom and four two-bedroom units.

The proposed height is 42 feet with zoning allowing for only 35 feet. The building will be set back on the top floor for a front-facing deck.

Because this was the first presentation the overall design right now is conceptual and Belliveau is looking for neighborhood feedback.

The only variances needed are Floor Area Ratio, Height, and Parking

Because there is no parking proposed for the project residents were quick to chime in on the proposal.

“The parking is a nightmare as it is a dead-end street,” complained one neighbor.

Another abutter said not only is it hard to find parking on the street, but many people from all over Eastie park their cars on Frankfort Street to take the MBTA at Wood Island station.

The next project discussed was at 37 Horace St., and this was the developers’ second presentation to the group.

Owner Joseph Trichillo is looking to demolish an existing three-family home and combine it with two vacant lots and build a nine-unit structure with nine parking spaces on this new 8,000 square-foot lot.

The units would be sold as condos and would consist of four one-bedroom, two two-bedroom and three, three-bedroom units.

Variances needed for this project are Use, Floor Area Ratio, Height, and Parking.

Members at the meeting asked if the project was an ‘as of right’ project, how many units could the developer build. Trichillo’s attorney, Richard Lynds, said if you combine the lots you could build eight units .

Finally the proposed project at 22 Wordsworth St. was discussed. There the owner wants to simply change an existing two- family to a three-family by adding third floor and rear addition, along with sprinkler system and roof deck.

The project would include one three-bedroom unit and two two-bedroom units.

The proposed roof deck would be pushed back to the rear and would not be able to be seen from the front of Wordsworth Street.

Variances needed for this project are Use, Side Yard, Rear Yard, Floor Area Ratio, Height and Parking.

One concern was parking, but the developer said in order to fit parking he’d have to make a curb cut, thus removing an on-street parking space for neighbors.

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