Letter to the Editor : On the Legalization Of Marijuana

Dear Editor,

Pick up any newspaper and you will no doubt come across an article detailing the structuring of the new big business of selling drugs. Marijuana, to be specific, is the focus of the new legal drug dealers. The media’s matter of fact attitude toward this insane proposition suggests that the general consensus regarding the legalization of this hallucinogenic drug is not a big deal.

But it is a big deal! At a time when drug addiction has reached almost epidemic proportions, the legalization of marijuana has been put to a referendum vote. For some strange reason it passed and became the law of the land. No doubt the big money involved in the legal sale of previously illegal drugs had something to do with it.

Is it no matter that many marjiuana users will no doubt drive under the influence of the drug? The lethargy that is endemic to regular pot use will become more pervasive because making it legal makes it much more attainable. Because it is legal, users will feel less inhibited about being under its influence while on the job. Shall we not mention the consequences of having the ‘cannabis product” available in edible and Potable form leading to the possible ingestion by children. Legalization of marijuana, who’s idea was this anyway?

Robert D’Amelio

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