Eagle Hill Civic Association Votes on Several Projects

Members of the Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) voted on several projects during its May meeting last week at East Boston High School.

First up, the group voted 22 to 12 in favor of the project at 98 Prescott Street.  The plan is to construct a three story, 9-unit building with no parking spaces.  The proposal was modified from five to three stories and reduced from 12 to nine units, after receiving community feedback. Because there is no parking attached to the project, and it’s being marketed as a transit-oriented development the developer agreed to register with the city as a ‘no-parking’ building, which will be in the lease. This means that if the tenants of the building try to circumvent the lease and get resident parking permits, they will be denied by the city. 

Next EHCA members voted 24 to 10 in support of the project at 46 Eutaw Street. Attorney Jeff Drago said his client plans to ‘fill in’ empty space between the previously used store front and residential part of the building to allow for larger units.  His client is seeking to change occupancy to a three-family plus store by adding a two-story addition and renovating the building.  There will be one, three-bedroom unit and two, two-bedroom units.

The group then voted 20 to 14 in support of the project at 44 and 46 Lexington Street.  The plan there is to change the occupancy from three to four units in each adjoined building.  The project will include a renovation of the entire building, expanding the rear of the property as well as adding a fourth-story addition to both existing properties.  There is no existing parking and no proposed parking. All units will be three bedroom, two bath rentals.  At the meeting abutter liked design and rehab, but expressed concern about density and parking. 

Lastly EHCA members voted 30 to 4 in support of the project at 50 Putnam Street.  There the owner is seeking to extend living space into the basement for unit one. 

Also at the meeting EHCA members got the first look at four other projects in the works but no votes were taken. At 97 Condor Street a developer is proposing a four-story building with seven residential units and five parking spaces; at 238 Saratoga Street the owner wants to change his three-family to four-family by extending living space into existing basement; at 24 Falcon Street the owner wants to turn a rental building into condo building and perform some exterior renovated; and at 130 Putnam Street the owner is looking to extend first floor living space into basement in an owner-occupied building.

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