Local Resident Thanks Federal Employees with a Meal During Shutdown

While the government shutdown may be temporarily over for now, federal workers like the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees working at Logan Airport may not be paid for another week or so until everything is sorted out in Congress.

Last week, at the height of the government shutdown, local resident Lindsay Ann Falewicz decided to take matters in her own hands.

With federal employees not receiving a paycheck and struggling to keep up with bills and other expenses for over a month Falewicz launched a group on the popular Take Them A Meal website. The website allows residents to sign up on a given day and commit to providing meals to TSA employees working at Logan.

“While it feels like a small gesture when talking about our community workers who are no longer receiving a paycheck due to the government shutdown, the comforts of offering someone a meal can be underestimated,” said Falewicz. “Let’s express our appreciation by offering TSA officers some meals to show that we’re thankful for all that they do to keep our community moving along safely.”

The way the website works is that Eastie residents can pick a day and have food delivered to one of Logan’s four terminals where TSA employees work.

“Each weekday will represent one of the terminal locations to make it easier to feed a meal to smaller groups of TSA officers at a time,” she said.

When signing up for a meal residents are expected to be feeding 50-60 people at each terminal location.

“Homemade or already prepared food that workers can enjoy during their breaks is greatly appreciated and any meal time you choose would be welcomed,” said Falewicz. “(Residents) can coordinate meal times and drop off with Greg Hawko who is the Assistant Federal Security Director – Screening Boston Logan International Airport.”

Last Wednesday was Falewicz’s turn to have food delivered to the TSA employees at Terminal B.

“What an amazing feeling it is to hear and see the immense gratitude expressed by the TSA team,” said Falewicz. “The Terminal Manager could not express enough thanks for the community outpouring of support noting that this is the only thing keeping these employees going each day. I feel so blessed to live in a community filled with warm hearts reaching out to support our neighbors and community members.”

Going forward, Falewicz said she has received a few comments from people who want to participate in the effort, but it’s fully assigned for the next two weeks.

“If you would like to sign up for a different terminal in the coming weeks than the one that’s already been assigned through this formal meal train, do not hesitate to reach out to Greg Hawko to coordinate. They are so very appreciative,” said Falewicz. You can check out the ‘Take Them A Meal’ site for Logan’s TSA employees at www.takethemameal.com/WDOZ8010.

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