EBECC Raises Money for Migrant Caravan

The migrant caravan making its way through Mexico from Central and South America and planning to arrive at the U.S. border in the next few weeks has really gotten under President Trump’s skin. Trump who has deployed troops to the border, said he would refuse protective status for those in the caravan seeking asylum and has even gone as far as threatening to defy the U.S. Constitution and end birthright citizenship in the nation.

Local organizations that help immigrants, like the East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC), have launched websites and programs to help those in the caravan.

The EBECC recently launched a website to raise money for the caravan migrants. The group hopes to raise $200,000 for the migrants.

“A continuation of the human rights crisis of central American migrants is unfolding in front of our eyes once again,” said EBECC CEO Frank Ramirez. “EBECC will like to be prepared to help those seeking asylum in the US and might arrive here in Boston. It has been fully covered in the media that Central American migration to the U.S. has been occurring for many years.”

Ramirez said the difference now is that it has become a humanitarian crisis and recently became more visible as migrants band together for self-protection during the dangerous journey through Mexico.

Ramirez said those wishing to donate to the cause can visit www.ebecc.networkforgood.com/projects/55255-fulfillment-of-families-together.

“On behalf of EBECC, I thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity,” said Ramirez.

EBECC promotes the advancement of Latino immigrants of all ages through education, services, advocacy, community organizing, and leadership development.

Just last year, EBECC has assisted over 5,600 Latino immigrant families and youth in Eastie to learn English; to integrate into a new society or reunite with their families; and to acquire skills to become leaders.

“Immigrants come to this country for many different reasons, but all share a common goal: to make life better for themselves and their families,” said Ramirez.

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