‘Donut Boy’ Visits District A-7

A 10-year-old Florida native Tyler Carach has received national attention for his mission to thank law enforcement officers across the country one donut at a time.

Armed with his doughnut-decorated cape and catchy slogan that reads, “I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop”, Carach stopped by District A-7 police station in East Boston to thank the men and women of the Boston Police Department last week.

Tyler began a mission to thank every Police Officer in America in August 2016. While at a local store Tyler  saw four deputies and asked his mother, Sheena, if he could use his allowance money to buy them their favorite snack…donuts. Tyler’s mom is a former police officer.

After doing so, he asked his mother why the officers were so excited over the snack. Tyler’s mother explained that unfortunately a lot of people choose to judge the whole by a few and because of that, some people were not very kind to police and even tried to hurt them.

Tyler’s mom explained that it was important to never judge a whole by a few because there is no group that is 100 percent perfect and the police were excited by Tyler’s kind offering because they were happy to be appreciated.

It was at that moment, Tyler decided he wanted to do more for police across the country. He told his parents he was going to thank every single police officer in America and give them each a donut.

So far Tyler has visited 40 states and handed out over 65,000 donuts. He uses his school vacation time and his entire summer to fulfill his mission.

“I do it because it feels good to thank police officers who work really hard to protect us and keep us safe,” said Tyler last week in East Boston. “And, nobody needs a reason to do that.”

Tyler said one day he’d like to become a K-9 officer.

District A-7 Captain Kelly McCormick told Tyler to keep up the great work.

“Thanks for stopping by Boston. And, thanks for thanking us,” he said.

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