The Columbus Day Parade Committee Deserves Praise

After the cancellation of the Columbus Day Parade two years ago due to heavy rain the Columbus Day Parade Committee has worked tirelessly to make Sunday’s parade is bigger and better than ever.

While many were disappointed in the cancellation of the neighborhood-wide daylong celebration organizers like Joseph Ruggiero, Buddy Mangini, George Gambale, Jim Kearney and Rosalie Petralia have volunteered countless hours on nights and weekends to ensure this year’s parade will more than make up for the 2016 cancellation.

It’s not easy to fundraise all year long for this parade, organize special events and keep the interest of the community for the entire year leading up to the parade.

East Boston Times would like to thank these longtime event organizers for their hard work, dedication and countless volunteer hours over the past year organizing, planning and fundraising for this parade.

If the past has taught us anything of what these dedicated Eastie volunteers are able to accomplish, this year’s parade will be filled with the same excitement, fun, and memories as the past parades these individuals have organized.

While the disappointed over the 2016 cancellation was felt across Eastie it in no way equaled the disappointment that of the parade organizers who poured their heart and soul into making each Columbus Day a successful event for all of Eastie.

The year-long schedule of community events, fundraisers, banquets, breakfasts, awards ceremonies and meetings accomplished bringing the community–both young and old, both old and new–together to plan a special day for Eastie.

Albert “Buddy” Mangini, Joseph Ruggiero Jr., George Gambale, Jim Kearney and Rosalie Petraglia have been able to bring a community together for a single special cause; have been able to bridge the gap between generations; have been able to celebrate the neighborhood’s diversity; and have been able to celebrate the true spirit of the neighborhood we call home.

We should all recognize those who were able to help organize or volunteer or attend events in the months leading up to Sunday is just as important as seeing the smiling faces along the parade route.

For this, the Columbus Day Parade Committee should all be commended.

And when you see them on the parade route Sunday at 1 p.m. please make sure to give them your applause.

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