EHCA Votes on Several Development Projects

The Eagle Hill Civic Association voted in favor of supporting four development projects at its September meeting last Wednesday at East Boston High School.

First, EHCA members voted 30 to 3 in support of a project at 106 Saratoga St. Attorney Matt Eckel made a second presentation to the group for his client’s plans to construct a third-floor addition on rear of the existing building. The building is already a three story building. Work will include interior renovation, rebuilding decks on the home and adding side dormers.  The project will allow for three market rate condos units.  Eckel said the first two floors will be two bedroom, two bath units while the third floor will be two bed, one bath with a deck and new family room as part of the addition.

Eckel then presented a project for another client that EHCA members voted 28 to 3 in support. The project at 74A-74 Lexington Street, also known as 87-89 Marion Street, is seeking to change legal occupancy from a two-family to a four-family dwelling with a third-floor addition and roof decks.  Eckel said this will be a market rate condo project.  The work includes restoring the building’s brick facade and side and matching that brick with the addition. There will also be copper cornice to match adjoining property, roof decks with greenery, flower boxes and other features to improve the property.

The group then voted 31 to 1 in support of Eckel’s last client who plans to turn 80 Marion St, into a three, condo, unit development. The building is currently a three family but at some point a previous owner re-zoned it to a two-family.  Ekcel said his client is looking to legalize the three-family as well as the existing rear deck.  The developer has already renovated the exterior with clapboard and promised to add box panels on bay and slate-look on roof to make it look more historic. Out of the three condos the owner plans to live in one and sell off the other two.

Next, Attorney Richard Lynds received a vote of 23 to 9 in support of his client’s project at 101 Condor St. at the corner of Condor and Brooks Streets. This project includes erecting an 18 unit building with 18 parking spots on a vacant lot once used by Corner Stalk Farms. Corner Stalk plans to move down to another section of Condor Street because they outgrew its current location. The four story building will have roof decks and a more modern facade with wood accents to match the somewhat industrial look of the building across the street along the Chelsea Creek.

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