Mayor Walsh Delivers for Eastie

The recently-announced budget by Mayor Martin Walsh includes a number of items of huge interest to East Boston residents as part of the mayor’s overall five-year capital improvement plan for the city.

First and foremost, the long-awaited and long-overdue new East Boston police station at the City Yards, a $25.5M project, is set to get underway in the late fall.

The Paris St. pool, which is adjacent to the recently-completed Paris St. gym, is slated for a complete overhaul at a cost of $5M.

Other teams on the agenda include $2.3M to spruce up the historic Bennington St. Cemetery, rehab projects for the Engine 5 fire station and the McArdle Bridge, and major landscaping for The Rockies in order to transform what has become a neglected area into a waterside park that will make it both a beautiful and recreation-friendly open space.

We know we speak for all East Boston residents in thanking Mayor Walsh for his support and keen interest in our section of the city on this side of the Mystic River.

East Boston finally is realizing the potential it always has had for development because of its proximity to Boston proper and our intersection as a transportation hub.

These latest projects spelled out in Mayor Walsh’s budget, as well as the promising development of Suffolk Downs, will go a long way toward continuing the renaissance of the place we call home.

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