Letter to the Editor

Thank you to East Boston Residents that came to the aid of one of their own!

Dear Editor:

On April 3, at 6 p.m. one of our beloved members of the Kiwanian Club of East Boston fell and injured herself on her way to our meeting.  Falling on the sidewalk just steps away from our regular meeting place at Spinelli’s in Day Square, she was laying on the cold, rain soaked cement suffering very serious injuries.  When we were alerted to what happened, we came rushing out of our meeting to find four young adults attending to our friend.  One was holding an umbrella over her, one had gathered her belongings including her pocketbook and another was calling for an ambulance.  The waitress at Spinelli’s came out with a large warm tablecloth to keep her warm.  Quickly two young men arrived in an ambulance and professionally and compassionately took charge of their new patient.

Later that night, while worrying about our friend’s health, you also could not help but recognize the wonderful outpouring of support that came from our community that night!  So many strangers helping strangers, who did the right thing and treated our friend as if she was their friend or family member lying there on the sidewalk.

The Kiwanians of East Boston would like to thank those people for their caring and help that night.   It reminds us once again of what we already know, that East Boston is not just about our buildings, it’s also about the people in them!

John C. Schwagerl,


Kiwanis Club of East Boston

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