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Needless damage

Dear editor,

As I read the news in last week’s Times about the latest truck crunching incident at the bottom of the 1A ramp to Neptune Road, I too share the frustration expressed by AL Capt. Kelly McCormack over the lack of use of the Coughlin Bypass road to Chelsea, however most of these damaged tractor trailers are not trying to use East Boston Streets. Most of them are trying to turn around and take Route 1A northbound toward Boston. Even if they were trying to get to Chelsea, where are the signs at the bottom of the ramp saying this way to the bypass road. The whole are under the elevated road above is filled with all kinds of signs, too many signs and signs that seem to contradict each other. What’s a confused truck driver to do?

Also to make matters worse, how is a truck coming off the ramp to turn right toward the bypass road? The turn is far too narrow in that direction. New signage is definitely needed, and it needs to be less confusing.

Most of the truckers turning left at the bottom of the ramp are not going to Chelsea but only leaving the airport. The sign to Chelsea is irrelevant to them.

What needs to be done is to make the signs clearer as to what truckers can do or not do at this site. Perhaps a large sign saying “No Left Turn. Fine $1,000,” which would be crystal clear to all. However, unless we fix the entire area by Neptune and Bennington Streets, these repeated truck smashings will continue.

If you don’t fix what’s broken, it will continue the status which inconveniences everyone and causes needless damage.


Sal Giaratani

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