Suffolk Downs Moving Forward

For residents of Revere, Boston, and surrounding communities, the “potential” for the full development of Suffolk Downs has been just that — potential — for more than 30 years.

Ideas for the transformation of the Suffolk Downs site have ranged from a sports megaplex (that would have housed the Patriots and the Red Sox) to the hotel-casino plan that failed to win the approval of the state’s Gaming Commission.

However, with the recent acquisition of the site by HYM Investments, it appears as though a real plan is moving forward that truly will transform the entire City of Revere. If the proposal by HYM (with or without a new Amazon complex) becomes reality, the tax revenue generated will increase substantially for the city, alleviating the property tax burden on homeowners and providing more funding for our schools and other essential city services.

We realize there are some who are concerned about the haste with which the proposal is moving forward. We certainly understand those concerns, especially regarding the issue of storm water drainage and the potential for flooding of adjacent areas.

However, the time has come for Suffolk Downs to fulfill its potential in order to turn what always has been a dream into a reality. We urge all of our city officials and residents to do what they can to move this project along as expeditiously as possible.

All of us should be well-aware that with the economy humming, now is the time for action, because once the inevitable business cycle turns downward, a large-scale development such as this could be put on hold for yet another generation.

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