Support the Annual Taste of Eastie

On Thursday night over 300 residents will descend upon the Logan Airport Hilton to take part in the annual Taste of Eastie–a yearly event that many see as one of the neighborhood’s signature gatherings.

For decades Eastie has been a food haven with old classics like Rino’s, Santarpio’s Pizza, Javelli’s, Jalisco, Angela’s Cafe and Kelley’s Square Pub bringing people from far and wide to the neighborhood.

However, Eastie’s gastronomic landscape has changed and newcomers like the Cunard Tavern, Renegades, the Reel House are adding new and exciting food to the neighborhood’s menu.

For over two decades no better event has highlighted the neighborhood’s local culinary tradition that brings the neighborhood and old friends together through food than a Taste of Eastie.

The event’s success has long been attributed to its perfect blend of community, camaraderie and cuisine–and this year will be no exception.

Every year the event’s organizer, East Boston Main Street’s (EBMS) captures the experience of bringing friends and family together to enjoy great food, each other’s company and celebrate the community–because in Eastie, dinner is as much about spending time with friends and family as it is about the food.

Close to 30 restaurants will make up this year’s food spectacular at the Logan Airport Hilton—a few will be new to the Eastie restaurant scene and a few will of course be old favorites that have recently extended their menus.

So end your New Year’s resolution of shedding some post-holiday pounds for a night and get out and support East Boston Main Streets and a Taste of Eastie.

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