HYM is Doing Its Part to be Transparent

Thanks to the continuing transparency of the HYM Investment Group, the owner of Suffolk Downs, the ultimate plans for the development of the race track will bring no surprises for East Boston residents.

Given the nature of this proposal, encompassing more than 160 acres spread over two communities, the new development should have ideas and suggestions from all of the various stakeholders.

Two weeks ago, officials from the Boston Planning and Development Agency and HYM took several members of the local community on a tour of the site and discussed the possible uses.

Plans were laid out and ideas were discussed, not in depth, but in a general way.

This is the way that it should be] at this stage of the process. Inasmuch as this project will take 15 years to develop, neighborhoods in Revere and East Boston will bear the brunt of construction traffic and ultimately, traffic from the many shops and housing units that will be located in this development.

The communities’ buy-in is critical to a successful project for both the developer and neighborhood residents. HYM certainly seems to know this and is making sure that everyone is being kept in the loop.

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