Student Arrested for Bringing Gun to EBHS

By John Lynds

It was one of the few remaining Boston Public High Schools that never had to use the metal detectors issued to the school. East Boston High School (EBHS), with the exception of a few scuffles year to year between students, never really had the need for the extra security precaution. The school has always been considered a safe school in a safe neighborhood with students that have, for the most part, left beefs and violence at the front door.

That all changed last week.

According to Boston Police and BPS officials, last Thursday a juvenile student was arrested for having a firearm on EBHS’s campus. However, school officials maintain that the arrest and discovery of the gun was unrelated to the school. With that said, the incident still left many on edge. The student, according to reports, was being picked up at the school for an outstanding warrant. The student was pulled out of class and while detained inside the school’s office police found a loaded .357 Magnum in his pants.

“The safety of students and staff is our top priority in the Boston Public Schools (BPS),” said BPS’s Press Secretary Dan O’Brien in a statement. “On Thursday, September 14, a firearm was discovered in possession of a student at East Boston High School who was being taken into custody by the Boston Police Department for a matter unrelated to the school. The incident was handled quickly due to the vigilance of school staff and police, who followed all appropriate protocols. The student is facing disciplinary action through the Code of Conduct, along with legal consequences from law enforcement.”

O’Brien said EBHS’s school police officers will continue implementing random searches, and utilize staff and Boston School Police officers to continue providing a visible presence around the school.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our schools safe,” said O’Brien. “East Boston High and school officials thank all staff and police officers involved in this incident for following all the appropriate steps to ensure that no one was placed in danger. School officials  urge anyone who ever has information about potential safety threats to contact their school or police immediately. ”

O’Brien added that EBHS has metal detectors that are used on a randomized basis.

“As noted in (my previous) statement, the school will continue with random searches. The school’s approach is consistent with how other BPS high schools utilize metal detectors,” he said.

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