JPNA Votes in Favor of Two Projects

By John Lynds

The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association voted in favor of two projects at Monday night’s meeting.

The first project at 275 Webster St. received support by a vote of 17 to 4. Owner Onnelly Parlow plans to take the existing three family and renovate the interior and exterior of the home. The renovations include adding an additional basement unit, upgrading the existing apartments and improving the facade of the home.

The second project at 362 Sumner St. passed by a vote of 21 to 0. There owner Chris Madrikis wants to revert his two family back into a three family. Madrikis explained that the home use to have a third floor and was originally zoned as a three family. The owner wants to add an additional top unit with dormers to mirror the property next door that recently underwent an extensive renovation.

Madrikis said he would also add attractive rear decks, again, like the property next door. The project would also include extensive exterior work to make the home look more historic in keeping with the properties along Sumner Street.

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