Letter to the Editor

Commenting on the LIAG meeting

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the East Boston Times for a great article recently on Massport’s Logan Impact Advisory Group (LIAG) meeting.

As the article suggested, the community was divided that night, with some supporting the LIAG package of financial commitments Massport is offering and others calling for the funding, plus aggressive transportation policy reform.

Why should our summer camps, elderly programs and sports leagues be asked to speak out in favor of a half-package which opens the door for massive airport expansions?  And whoever said that residents who support those programs (all do) would not also support policy changes to reduce traffic congestion on our streets, air pollution and noise?

The fact is that East Boston residents should never be made to feel that we must choose between Massport’s money and responsible transportation policy.

Led by Mary Ellen Welch, East Boston activists have worked for partnership and progress for 50 years.  They have brought us sound proofing, improved parks and even the East Boston Foundation. And they are ready, willing and able to do more, but their environmental concerns have been sidelined in the LIAG process.  And predictably, the LIAG has come forward with a slate of proposals that leave their ideas out.

With Massport looking to to grow, we are not in an either, or situation.

 Stand up East Boston and join together in telling our elected officials that East Boston deserves better and that you want them to demand better funding AND better policy now!

Chris Marchi

Vice President, AirInc.

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