JPNA Approves Sumner Street Project

By John Lynds

The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association voted at their May meeting Monday night 23 to 1 in favor of a market rate rental development on Sumner Street.

The proposal plans to combine six lots at 287-391 Sumner St and 10 Sumner Pl., demolish the current home at 387-391 Sumner St. and build a 9-unit market rate rental building on roughly 7,000 sq. ft.

The developer Paul Marks, known for his work at 1 Everett St., first pitched the plan back in October 2015. Following a lengthy community process with the JPNA and the JPNA’s zoning and development subcommittee all parties agreed on the current design.

The design includes a mix of duplex-style row houses on Sumner Place and a multifamily building on Sumner Street for a total of 9-units. There will also be nine off street parking spaces.

The roof of the parking structure will be fully landscaped according to architect, Phil Hresko. This would provide some greensapce for the building and soften the roof by creating trees and plantings that will be more appealing to abutters.

The project needs just about every variance aside from “Front Yard Setback” from the Zoning Board of Appeals so the developer and community worked closely to minimize the impacts to neighbors and the community.

While the original plan was a larger development pitched to the neighborhood, after a half year of planning Marks said he and the community have come up with a development project that will work for the entire neighborhood.

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