Thank You to Stephen Whalen

In a story that appeared in last week’s newspaper, Mayor Martin Walsh was on hand to help distribute 30 new Chromebooks to students of the Donald McKay and Umana Schools.

These Chromebooks were not supplied by the city, but by a private company, CRM Property Management Corp.

Many businesses in the past would have looked to the city to foot the bill for school supplies. Today, the need to help educate our students and children is our responsibility. Competition for jobs is not coming only from within the United States, but also from countries like China and India.  Our students will need to compete on a global scale.

In many cases, we are doing a good job, but we could do better.  Students need basic supplies and today this includes computers.

Thank you Stephen Whalen, a managing partner at CRM, for going beyond just the talk of helping.

While many businesses through donations help to underwrite the cost of public education, much more needs to be done if America is to remain on top globally.

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