YMCA Breakfast A Huge Success

The annual YMCA Reach Out Campaign Breakfast that was held last Thursday was a huge success with more than 500 people in attendance.

When this many people come together and contribute to an organization, then you can realize how important that organization, in this case the YMCA, is to the fabric and health of our community.

The YMCA fills a void in the home life of children that keeps them safe and focused on positive activities.  With many families needing two incomes just to try to stay ahead in today’s economy, the need for programs such as pre-school, after-school, and summer camps — at affordable rates — are more of a necessity than a luxury.

These are the programs for which the Annual Breakfast Campaign raises funds both to expand and to maintain as affordable.

To those who came out last Thursday and supported the breakfast by attending or being a sponsor, we say, “Thank you.”  Your commitment makes many of these programs affordable to many struggling families.  To the staff of the YMCA, a special thank-you for all your efforts in keeping the youth of our community in a safe environment.

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