Government Center Station to Reopen

After more than two years of construction, the new Government Center station is scheduled to open March 26. This announcement comes as good news to the thousands of residents who use the Blue Line to connect with other MBTA lines to get to work. While the inconvenience of exiting at Bowdoin or State St. stations to walk to Park St. may not have amounted to more than 10 minutes, this is lost time on a daily basis. And as one successful entrepreneur pointed out, the only thing he can never buy is lost time.

As commuters, whether driving or taking public transportation, we should be accustomed to lost time and inconveniences. However, this does not change the fact that for almost two years, we were greatly inconvenienced.

We trust that the new station will function efficiently and be easy to navigate as commuters hop from the Blue Line to catch a Green Line trolley. We also hope that breakdowns in this station will be kept to a minimum as the new signals and wiring are put through the test.

Long-needed repairs are now able to happen on the overall MBTA system, inasmuch as some waste in the budget has been eliminated. Hopefully, the rest of the MBTA system will now be able to operate with a minimum of disruption.

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