Governor Charlie Baker Makes Surprise Visit to Bradley School

The students at the Bradley Elementary School got a surprise visit last week by none other than Governor Charlie Baker.

Baker spent the afternoon last Thursday touring the school, talking with students, and posing for pictures and ‘selfies’ with students and staff.

As soon as he walked into the first classroom, many of the students in lower grades knew he was important, that they had seen him on TV but couldn’t quite place him.

“Are you Mayor Walsh’s helper?”, asked one first grade student, Miley.

“Yes, sometimes,” the Governor sheepishly replied.

Most students in grades three and above knew exactly who Baker was and many did not have questions about policy or government but about his height and basketball skills.

“Wow, how tall are you?,” shouted several students.

Without missing a beat, Baker turned his height into a math quiz.

“I’m 6’6″ tall. How many inches is that?” asked the governor.

Students quickly got to work and hands shot up to be the first to answer Baker correctly.

“Seventy eight inches,” said one student a few seconds later, quickly doing the math in her head.

Baker was joined by his Chief Secretary and former East Boston State Representative, Carlo Basile, whose sons Carlo and Christian attend the Bradley. Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, City Councilor Sal LaMattina as well as Boston Public School North Zone Principal Leader Tommy Welch.

“I applaud Governor Baker for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit the Bradley Elementary School last week and to speak with students and staff as he toured every single classroom,” said Wlech. “It is amazing to have a governor who cares so deeply about public education. We at the Boston Public Schools greatly appreciate all of his support.”

Bradley Principal, Linda Manzo said, “The Bradley School students and staff were thrilled to have Governor Baker visit our school. He was able to visit all classes and spend time with our students.”

Baker stayed for over an hour, played chess with some students, hung out at lunch time with other grades and said he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

“Even after watching my own three children go through grade school, I am still impressed by the curiosity and wit of our young students,” said Baker after the visit. “They undoubtedly ask great questions and are eager to learn more about the world around them, and our administration will continue to focus on investing in our schools to ensure a quality education for every student regardless of their zip code.”

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