Letter to the Editor

Special thanks to Ladder 2/Engine 9 from the Sumner Street Firehouse

Dear Editor

Thanksgiving Day brings reflection of all the things and people in life that we are thankful for. This Thanksgiving Day we had so much to be thankful for due to the actions of some pretty special people.

Our day started out like many on this holiday by getting our turkey into the oven. Our family visited, we and our grand-children decorated our 1st family room Christmas Tree and then it was time for them to hit the road to go visit more loved ones and then enjoy their own Thanksgiving Dinner.

As I settled back into the house I went to baste the turkey and the flames were shooting up and out of the oven. In a matter of seconds all the fire alarms in the house, both the battery operated and the hard wired ones were wailing. Our animals ran to hide while I screamed to Dave that the oven was on fire.

Within another couple of seconds the house was encased in a thick black smoke and I was on the phone calling 911.

Dave continued to try to extinguish the flames as the house continued to fill up with smoke. As the BFD arrived one of my neighbors yelled to me that Dave had put it out with the fire extinguisher.

The firefighters went in and checked on things with Dave and told him that unfortunately we would not be able to consume our turkey because of all the chemicals sprayed into the oven. Fast forward a few hours…someone knocked on our door and rang our bell.

When I opened the door it was 2 firefighters from the Sumner Street firehouse.

They said to me, “You weren’t able to have your own Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving so we decided to bring you dinner”.

They handed me a large container containing Thanksgiving dinner. I immediately cried and when I looked back Dave was standing in the kitchen doorway shaking his head in quiet disbelief.

These firefighters were at work separated from their loved ones on this Thanksgiving and yet while they made their own Thanksgiving dinner at the firehouse they thought about a couple who hours earlier had lost theirs.

There are just not enough words that can adequately express our gratitude to these firefighters not only for doing a job that they risk their lives for every day to keep us safe but who often go above and beyond and make sure that the people they have come in contact with for a negative reason have a reason to feel positive about whatever it is they have endured.

These firefighters helped to ensure that our house was not damaged worse or lost and also ensured that we had a Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy. We will never forget this Thanksgiving of 2015 nor will we forget the kindness of firefighters who brought hope and joy back to 2 people who were down and out.

Our Thanksgiving was incredible because of this gesture and we wanted to personally let them know how very much we appreciated their kindness. We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. And BTW, whoever made that cranberry sauce is a food genius!!

Happy Holidays to all.

 With Many Thanks,

Dawn & David Doyle

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