Police Still Looking for Clues in Martinez’ Murder

As State Police detectives continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder of 15-year-old Wilson Martinez whose body was found on Constitution Beach  last week the community is still in shock and looking for answers.

Friends and classmates have all remembered Martinez as a good kid that was looking forward to going back to school at East Boston High to begin his sophomore year and attending college after graduation.

The death of Martinez who, according to authorities, had no criminal record has stunned the tight knit Eastie community and put a lot of residents on edge.

Detectives are yet to get a break in the case and said they are still collecting evidence that could lead to Martinez’s murderer.

“We’re still in the fact-gathering stage of the investigation and haven’t committed to any theory of the case,” said Suffolk County D.A. office spokesman Jake Wark. “What we do know of Wilson is that he had no record and that he had a stable family environment.”

Wark said the search for answers is a top priority of the D.A.’s office and emphasized they are “looking for the truth, and that anyone with information is urged to share it with investigators”.

State Police detectives assigned to Suffolk County D.A. Daniel Conley’s office ruled that Martinez’s death was due to a fatal stabbing on the beach.

“No piece of information is too small to be helpful,” Conley said. “Every piece of evidence, no matter how peripheral it may seem, is important.”

A man walking near the East Boston Yacht Club spotted Martinez’ body near the waterline at about 8:00 a.m. Monday morning and flagged down a nearby State trooper. Homicide detectives responded to the scene with the State Police Marine Unit, Dive Team, Crime Scene Services Section, and other State Police assets.

Suffolk County DA Dan Conley said the investigation is very active and urged anyone with information on Martinez’ death to contact detectives at 617-727-8817.

The teen’s death has also sparked a dialogue among residents of what can be done to further patrol the beach–a known hangout for teens during the warm summer months.

For years residents that live near the beach, like Joanne Nugent, have complained that once school is out in the summer the beach becomes a haven for teens that use the beach’s remote location to hang out, drink and sometimes become unruly.

This problem is nothing new and Nugent expressed these concerns at a community meeting regarding the beach and patrols back in 2013. Nugent, whose property abuts the beach, has been the most vocal over the years regarding beach security. While the problems of the past have improved in regards to large groups of teens hanging out and causing troubled has gotten somewhat better the problem still remains.

“There needs to be nightly patrols between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. because those are the times that are most problematic for us as neighbors,” said Nugent at the time. “Everything is fine during the day and it’s a wonderful beach but it’s a night that we still have problems.”

Her suggestion of more patrols was noted and there is a line item in the state’s FY16 budget specific to night patrols by the State Police.

Rep. Adrian Madaro’s own amendments requesting $25,000 for State Police to be able to patrol Constitution Beach that was vetoed by the Governor was restored by the legislature.

Madaro said the line item directly addresses concerns residents like Nugent have had concerning the beach and patrols.

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