The East Boston Museum is Closer to Becoming a Reality

A proposed drawing of the planned East Boston Museum at the Boston Shipyard and Marina.

A proposed drawing of the planned East Boston Museum at the Boston Shipyard and Marina.

Last week, the organizers trying to bring an East Boston visitors center and museum to the neighborhood held a meeting at Maverick Landing.

One significant change in the project voted on at the meeting is that the name of the proposed project is now The East Boston Museum and not The East Boston Museum and Visitor Center.

“This was considered more appropriate as the site location is now in the Shipyard, and not next to the ferry landing as had been originally envisioned,” said the group’s chair Susan Bruaner. “It was  significant too that foundations and donors tend to give to museums,  but not necessarily visitor centers.”

 The guest speaker for the evening was Susan Schur, Publisher/Editor of Technology and Conservation. Schur is also an independent museum consultant.

 Schur had a number of ideas for exhibits on immigration which would feature the community’s history and culture of how Eastie has lived and worked over the years.  She suggested a important feature of the museum should be a time line and maps showing what was happening at a specific time in the many countries we all come from, and also showing what was happening in American and Eastie at the same time.

 “Schur noted how varied our history is with so many activities which she listed that should be featured that she is sure the Museum could easily be a destination for the public in general, and a variety of special interest groups,” said Bruaner.

 It was also suggested that East Boston oral histories be made, preferably by video.  It was noted that some groups have  done work on this in the past, but it is unknown what happened to the tapes.

 The purpose of the East Boston Museum is to promote the collection, preservation, educational interpretation and display of those artifacts, documents and events most representative of Eastie. The museum would include its prehistory and history, its people and institutions, its cultural and economic development.

“Likewise, the primary goal of the corporation is to preserve East Boston’s heritage for the benefit of the present and future citizens; and visitors to learn the same,” said Bruaner.

Over several meetings the group has worked out a design for the proposed building.

“Architect Lyle Bradley and Designer Gabriela Dumitrescu have donated many hours and professional works for our proposed waterfront building design,” said Bruaner.

The next meeting of the group is Monday, December 1st, 6:00 p.m. at Maverick Landing Community Room.

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