Debate Is on for State Representative Primary Contest

Representative Carlo Basile has responded to his opponent’s request to schedule a debate before the upcoming election.

Last week, Celeste Myers invited Basile to participate in three public debates or forums leading up to the Tuesday, November 4 election. In a letter to the Basile campaign, the Myers campaign called for three public debates: one focusing on development in East Boston, another chosen by the Basile campaign, and a third debate covering a variety of topics.

“Voters should know where we come down on issues affecting East Boston and have the opportunity to hear our respective visions for this community, which no doubt differ in many ways,” the letter states.

This week the Basile campaign thanked Myers for the invitation to debate the issues and challenges facing the people of East Boston.

“The Basile Campaign would be more than willing to join you and anyone else who would like to participate in this discussion,” the Basile campaign said in a statement. “In the coming days, lets get together to work out the details and the logistics. We look forward to a healthy and civil discussion of the issues facing the 1st Suffolk district Rep. Basile represents.”

The East Boston Times this week reached out to both camps and expressed an interest in hosting a debate between the two candidates. The Times suggested a two part format where the two candidates would answer questions on the most pressing Eastie issues followed by allowing the public to pose questions to each candidate.

Both camps are currently working out the logistics and a time frame. No date has been scheduled but the Times will keep the public updated when a time, date and location has been set.

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