JPNA Gives Nod to 245 Sumner St.

An architectural rendering of the project at 245 Sumner Street. The Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association approved the project Monday night.

An architectural rendering of the project at 245 Sumner Street. The Jeffries Point Neighborhood
Association approved the project Monday night.

A large mixed-use development project on the corner of Sumner and Orleans Streets that will become the new gateway to Jeffries Point was approved by the neighborhood council Monday night.

After the developer of the 245 Sumner St. project addressed residents’ concerns of height, density and style, the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) voted 21-13 to approve the project.

Developers Michael Patrick and Brian Hosker originally proposed a five-story, 40 unit condo building with parking underneath and commercial retail space on the first floor.

The project, that will replace an old and unkempt industrial building known locally as the Cheese Factory, was first pitched last summer. However, residents and abutters voiced concerns over the height of the building and its density.

After working closely with the JPNA over the past year the project that was approved Monday night is a scaled down version of what was originally pitched.

Patrick has eliminated the fifth floor penthouse, increased the set backs of the building and dropped the units from 40 to 34 units-five of which will be affordable units. The parking spaces inside were reduced from 40 spaces to 34 and the developer also modified the architecture to give the building a more residential feel.

At Monday night’s meeting Patrick said the units will consist of 2 and 3 bedroom units with a 4th floor penthouse that he and his family will occupy.

There will also be 2,000 sq. ft. of first floor retail space that Patrick said could include high-end retail, office space or even a restaurant–depending on the needs and desires of the community.

“I appreciate the Jeffries Point Neighbor Association and all of you for your input and taking the time over the past year to help with this project,” said Patrick, who has developed several other dilapidated buildings in the area. “We saw an opportunity to improve 245 Sumner with needed market rate workforce residential housing. We have heard your comments and those of the BRA and have incorporated them while maintaining the financial viability of the project. We reduced size of project from 40 units to 34 units, created residential feel of separate buildings along Orleans Street with entrances, doubled the size of the commercial space, eliminated penthouse 5th floor and rear of 4th floor to bring down height, stepped back the 4th floor,  incorporate brick, cedar shingle and clapboard look along with granite rock at the base which to us is East Boston without the vinyl siding. I believe you will be pleased with the finished product. Thank you for your time and support.”

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