Summer’s Last Gasp: Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend Safely

The forecast for the Labor Day weekend is for sunny and warm weather — a perfect combination for outdoor activity of all kinds on the official last weekend of summer.

As we look back at the past three months, it seems as if it were just yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of the Memorial Day weekend, with all of the expectations of a glorious summer ahead. But as the ancient Roman philosopher aptly and succinctly put it, “Tempus fugit” —  time flies — and once again another summer season is about to be consigned to the history books as we are reminded how short life is and how quickly it passes us by.

We hope that our readers have made the most of this summer of 2013 that is set to fade away and if not, that they take this final opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime, both for themselves and their family members.

We hope too, that with the weather expected to be perfect for just about any sort of activity, all of our readers enjoy this final blast of summer safely and responsibly (especially if they are operating a motor vehicle or boat), not only for themselves, but for their friends, loved ones, and those around them. It is all too easy to become just another number in the Labor Day statistics of foolish behavior if we allow ourselves or others to act irresponsibly

We wish all of our readers a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

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